Carter Steven

Carter Steven

Friday, March 4, 2011

36 Weeks

So I am officially one week from full term! Only four weeks left until my due date. A lot has happened in the past week. Mom and I went around Simpsonville and looked at several daycares. Ryan couldn't make it because he had to work. We ended up looking at 5 total. I was certainly surprised by the cost of some of the places. We had a really good experience though and found 3 that we liked. Ryan told me to go with my gut and listen to where God was leading me. We decided to enroll Carter at Holy Cross Academy. The ladies in the infant room were very pleasant and had been there for 5 and 11 years. I will go back to work at the end of June but Carter will stay with mom and Ryan's mom until August when they go back to school. Overall, I feel really good about my decision, especially after some of the daycares I have been to as an EI. I just know that they will take good care of him and he won't be left in his crib all day!

Last weekend, we had Carter's last piece of furniture delivered by my Dad's friends and co-workers Jerry and Dwanye. I can't express how PERFECT it is! If you are ever want to have a custom piece of furniture you should check out Check it out!

I went to the doctor this week and everything looked good. I gained back a bit of the weight that I lost during my stomach bug adventure. I was measuring right at 36 weeks. When the doctor felt my belly she said "wow, you don't have any room in there at all!" It is true. I'm starting to be able to feel body parts coming out of my waist and stomach. I keep trying to figure out exactly how it is situated in there. The doctor also said that he felt like he had already flipped and was in position for delivery. Oh wow that's crazy! I can't believe that in a few short weeks, I will be holding my little boy!

I had a wonderful BFF dinner with Kaylin and Meghan on Wednesday. We went to the delicious Adam's Bistro. It was great catching up. After dinner, I headed over to Carmax to check out a car with Ryan. We went to look at a red Mazda6 and found a gray Mazda6. They were both 2009s, had similiar mileage and almost identical features. I spent an hour going back and forth between the cars nitpicking over every detail. "Can I live with the scratch on the trunk?" "Does the red look like a 'mom' car?" "Is that spot on the windshield going to drive me bananas?" I felt like I was channeling my Dad. For those of you that didn't know my dad, he was super particular about cars. He washed all the cars almost every weekend and would notice every new ding or dent. When he bought me my Honda in high school, he looked for about 6 months and probably 15 cars before he got mine. He said that he wanted me to have the perfect car for college. I still remember pulling in the driveway and seeing it sitting there with my dad holding a big bunch of balloons. It was such a special moment! Well I finally decided on the gray one because it was in better body condition and the interior was impeccable. We got an awesome interest rate and a great deal. I offically feel like an adult now because we have the house, the car and a baby on the way!

After putting it off for a day, we put my Honda on craigslist last night at around 6:00. After getting a flood of emails, we set up a time for a man to come look at the car tonight and it sold right away! It was really sad to watch it drive away but I will always have the memories of my Dad holding those balloons and smiling ear to ear when I pulled up. I haven't taken any pictures of my new car yet but I will soon! I also need to take pictures of Carter's completed room. Lots to do! Goodbye, Honda! Thanks for getting my from A to B for the past 7 years!!