Carter Steven

Carter Steven

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where did August Go??

I need to start setting aside time to blog. It is so hard to find time to get anything done around the house because there are not enough hours in the day! I wanted to do a quick update on our little guy before September gets away from me too...
Carter is growing so fast. It is so amazing to see him learn new things daily... some of the new things he has learned in the past month or so are:
1. Rolling from his back to his belly and from his belly to his back. He has actually been going from his belly to his back since about 5 weeks old but that's just because he is advanced!
2. Sitting up all by himself! He still loses his balance sometimes because he is obsessed with his feet and always tries to get them but then he falls over...
3. He loves all his toys! He reaches for toys and moves them from hand to hand. He opens his hands and takes the toys and they go directly to his mouth. He is also working on holding his bottle!
4. Starting to communicate... he has been making lots of different sounds and noises (including mama... but I don't think he was calling me mama, just making the sound!) He will make somes sounds and then look at you and when you say something back, he will make more sounds. He is too funny.
5. Laughing... at everything! Carter thinks everything is hilarious... and I love him for that. I hope he never loses that.
Well that's all for now... hopefully I will be able to write more soon!!

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